1. Hi Chelsea,

    Great post you have here. Truthfully, it is a remarkable idea to choose a niche you have passion for. However, it s also amazing that you try to keep a balance btw passion and profitability. For example, you must pay the bill, passion wouldn’t pay the bills for you. So, try to identify a niche that you’re passionate about and is profitable. If your passion has market profit, choose another niche.

    Thank for sharing, Chelsea.

    • confessionsofarealisticmom@gmail.com

      Yes, definitely. That is very true for bloggers who want to make money blogging. I guess it’s about finding that happy medium. Thanks for the advice!

  2. Bytheway, make sure to get a Gravatar image that will follow you across the internet. That way, you begin to establish yourself and your brand.
    I read your comment on Arfa’s blog and found out you have no Gravatar. Let people know you, so you start building relationships with other bloggers. You don’t create relationship with a ghost, do you? Set yourself up with an image.

    Your image below is awesome, use it.

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