1. I love these tips. My faavourite is the one concerning the different sized chilli containers. It is sensible to compare prices even with the same product by the same manufacturer. I also make my own bread but it is more cost effective to make several loaves or rolls at the same time than just making a loaf of bread. The extra bread can be frozen, once cooled down and it last for months. It is cheaper this way and also, you know exactly what you have put into the bread (no additives and preservatives). Great post, and right up my street. I couldn’t wait to read this article when I stumbled upon it,

    • confessionsofarealisticmom@gmail.com

      Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. That’s great you make your own bread and make a bunch and freeze it. Such a great idea. I have been putting that off for so long but I think I finally have the motivation to try it!

  2. The bread one is huge in our family! Consider this – a bag of the healthiest bread at Costco (Silverhill 2 pack) is $7.49. Our homemade multigrain bread tastes better, and comes in at about $1.50/loaf. It doesn’t take long to make either, a few hours (most of it rising time) on one day gives us 4 loaves, enough to last our family of five just over a week.

    • confessionsofarealisticmom@gmail.com

      That’s amazing! That is such a money saver! Where did you get your bread recipe? I’ve been looking for a healthy multigrain recipe. Thanks!

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